Butitta Brothers Automotive will remain open during the state of Illinois shutdown and falls under the essential job category.

We will continue to take extra precautions in all of our Automotive Repair Centers in order to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy while accomplishing our mission of keeping our customers on the road with a special emphasis on all health care providers.


Belts and Hoses

Every vehicle receives a thorough belt and hose inspection.  Butitta Brothers reviews each manufacturers timing belt service intervals so that we are able to replace within the specified time.   It is important that the service interval for timing belts as put forth by the manufacturer is followed to keep your vehicle performing at an optimal level.  Belts and hoses are a maintenance item and will break down over time and will require replacement.  During the Butitta Brothers vehicle inspection one of our trained technicians will record if any belts or hoses require replacement.  In the Midwest specifically due to our extreme temperatures both hot and cold belts and hoses may breakdown and may require replacement sooner than other more temperate environments.