Butitta Brothers Automotive will remain open during the state of Illinois shutdown and falls under the essential job category.

We will continue to take extra precautions in all of our Automotive Repair Centers in order to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy while accomplishing our mission of keeping our customers on the road with a special emphasis on all health care providers.


Electrical Diagnostics

A little fun fact since 1980 today’s vehicles have space shuttle technology.  Basically anything that moves or lights up in your vehicle is part of your electrical system.  Butitta Brothers is equipped to repair these items in your vehicle which include but are not limited to:  Warning lights, heating and a/c controls, power accessories, batteries, windows, instruments and gauges, starters and alternators. Everything from sunroofs to trunk lids to headlights to door locks and everything in between, the qualified technicians at Butitta Brothers can diagnose and repair your vehicle.