Butitta Brothers Automotive will remain open during the state of Illinois shutdown and falls under the essential job category.

We will continue to take extra precautions in all of our Automotive Repair Centers in order to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy while accomplishing our mission of keeping our customers on the road with a special emphasis on all health care providers.


Engine and Transmission Repair

Some indicators that you may have an engine issue would be overheating, oil leaking, engine ticking, lack of performance/sluggish acceleration, poor fuel economy, check engine light on, and service engine soon light on.  These are not all but some of your indicators.  As far as potential transmission issues some flags could be transmission fluid leaking, noisy transmission, erratic shifting, banging in gear, poor fuel economy, check engine light on or service engine soon light on.  There are three basic types of transmissions: manual, automatic and continuous variable transmissions (CVT).  Butitta Brothers fully equipped to service all three types of transmissions.