Butitta Brothers Automotive will remain open during the state of Illinois shutdown and falls under the essential job category.

We will continue to take extra precautions in all of our Automotive Repair Centers in order to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy while accomplishing our mission of keeping our customers on the road with a special emphasis on all health care providers.


Heating and Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s Air Conditioning system is divided into two sides, the high side and the low side.  The main component of the high side is your compressor and its main operation is to pump refrigerant through your system.  The low side of your Air Conditioning system begins with the expansion valve which restricts refrigerant flow therefore lowering the pressure and temperature of your vehicles refrigerant.

The main component of your cooling system is the radiator.  The radiator reduces the heat generated from the coolant that circulates through your vehicle’s cooling system.  Your radiator needs to be clean and have coolant.  Butitta Brothers performs coolant flushes, as per your vehicle’s manufacturer, to keep your vehicle’s cooling system maintained and running properly.  Over time coolant that is not maintained becomes acidic and will break down the components of your cooling system, including hoses, gaskets and belts.  Longer term deterioration of your cooling system can result in more costly repairs such as water pump failure.

Our Butitta Brothers service technicians are trained to diagnose and repair all of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning systems.